Let our robust cloud infrastructure and expert engineers do the heavy lifting while you focus on your business.  Rocket Cloud IT can eliminate the headaches associated with your ever changing and ever expanding business.  As you grow, you no longer have to worry about the costs of upgrading hardware to meet your business demands.  Our hosted application service allows your developers to continue to improve your app without having to worry about whether there are enough resources available.  We will monitor and manage the health of your cloud environment while you focus on your business goals.


At Rocket Cloud IT, we want to help you meet your current and future IT infrastructure needs.  Our Cloud Servers are customizable for any environment for a flat monthly fee.


You choose the cloud environment that suits the needs of your company.  We provide private, public and hybrid clouds that help you eliminate excessive infrastructure costs for your business.  Our cloud servers support organizations and users of all sizes and experience levels, and our engineers will work with you to build and implement a solution that meets your unique requirements.


With Rocket Cloud IT, you can use your custom cloud as a simple, cost-effective disaster recovery solution, available 24/7/365 at any location necessary.  A quick and easy recovery from any disaster saves time and money for your bottom-line; however, implementing a disaster recovery solution and maintaining the technology and equipment can be costly.  By using our cloud servers, you receive a secure recovery solution with comprehensive management by our expert engineers.


The choice is yours.  With Rocket Cloud IT’s flexible cloud servers, you decide the level of service that’s right for your business. For a low monthly price we provide a highly flexible and scalable solution that will keep your data safe, secure and available whenever you need it.


In the event of a system failure, you need to have a reliable solution to get you back in business quickly.  Using traditional methods, backing up your company’s data can take a great deal of time and is often not reliable.  In today’s fast paced economy, your data needs to be protected and accessible at all times.


Rocket Cloud IT offers a simple online backup solution that protects your company’s data for a low monthly fee.  We use the highest, military-grade encryption available and our servers are fully redundant so that your data will always be available whenever you need it.


Unlike most online backup services, Rocket Cloud IT offers unlimited backups of any file type, and we do not restrict the amount of data you backup and restore per day.  Additionally, we will never delete your unused files for any reason.  Your data is your data and will always be protected and available.


Our secure online backup is fully automated, quick and scalable to your needs.  Let us worry about protecting your data so that you can manage your business.  Our white glove technical support will work with you to develop, configure and implement a backup solution that is optimized for your business requirements.



Your public cloud should be a useful and simple resource, not one bogged down by the confusion and surprise of the billing process or the lack of customization options.  We are so confident that we can provide you with the most reliable service and support that we are the first cloud services company to do away with annual contracts.  You pay one simple fee every month. There are never any surprises in your bill because we only bill you for the services you use at the rate you were quoted.  Need to add more resources? Just let us know and we will upgrade your plan accordingly.


Use your public cloud with the full confidence that you will have the expert resources and support you need to customize a solution that fits the usage of your company.



Private cloud environments provide the same advantages of dedicated server hardware combined with the security, flexibility and performance of the cloud. Your private cloud functions as an extension of your own network, and it is accessible only to your organization through to dedicated, secure connections. Your sensitive data and personally identifiable information always reside in an isolated environment providing you with peace of mind that your data is protected and meets all regulatory compliance requirements.


In your private cloud, you have complete control and reliable performance because you are the sole tenant.  You provision the resources in your private cloud as you see fit for your computing, storage and network requirements, and you don’t have to compete with other resources because you are operating in a single-tenant environment.


The deployment of a private cloud infrastructure allows your employees to work anywhere at any time with 24/7/365 access to all data and applications helping you to maximize business performance at a much lower cost than traditional mobile work environments.  Our flat monthly fee structure leaves no surprises, and our white glove technical support make it much easier to concentrate on your business goals.



Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence 



When disaster strikes, the resiliency of your business to get back up and running is critical.  At Rocket Cloud IT, disaster planning and recovery for your IT infrastructure is what we do best.  Our experts have over 15 years of experience in disaster recovery mitigation and management.  While a disaster is typically considered to be a weather related event, most disasters are a result of hardware, software or mechanical failure.  In any event, the experts at Rocket Cloud IT will work with you to develop, implement and test a comprehensive disaster recovery solution to ensure the restoration of your business as quickly as possible.


Rocket Cloud IT’s cloud servers enable a scalable backup solution for a flat monthly fee.  In addition to automatically backing up your data, we can offer a fully managed recovery solution specifically designed to meet the needs of your business in the event of a disaster. Not sure what your organization needs?  Contact us today to set up a disaster recovery consultation and analysis.  We will look critically at your infrastructure and let you know your risks and vulnerabilities in the event of a disaster.  Once you know your risks, our engineers can work with you to develop the best recovery solution for your company.  Rest assured that your business is protected from any disaster with the expertise of Rocket Cloud IT’s knowledgeable disaster recovery specialists.



Data security is extremely important in today’s business environment, but transferring data to clients and partners in the field is a risk.  Rocket Cloud IT offers a secure, encrypted portal through which you can transfer and share highly sensitive data and personally identifiable information.  Without any software installations, you can easily control the relevant parties that need access to the portal and customize the permissions of those who access your data.